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hi. i'm jackie.

an observer, an artist, and a millennial born in the wrong era

some things about me:
- i love vintage film
- i believe the small moments make the big moments
- intimate + candid > posed + planned, always
- i love escaping the norm and doing things my way

laura + mat

i never knew photography was important to me until i saw jackie's work - i didn't even know that wedding photos could look like that, even more so, i didn't know that we could look like that. she captured things that i would have never even thought were important, but looking back on them now, i can't imagine not having those moments that i probably wouldn't have even remembered. her passion and creativity is unmatched and i can't wait for her to capture the rest of our life.

chris + anna

my husband and i had never gotten photos together, other than the typical iphone pics, so we were extremely nervous and scared that we would look awkward, but jackie made us feel so comfortable, we even forgot about the camera. every single photo turned out so amazing, she captured every tear, laugh, moment and i can't be more thankful for her. there is no one else i could ever trust and i can't recommend her enough

william + lex

we trusted jackie wholeheartedly from the beginning - how could you not, and we are so happy that we did! she has shot both of engagement photos and wedding, and each time she went above and beyond to make us feel comfortable and amazing the whole time. we never felt forced or insecure which is something that we really feared at the beginning. her eye is unmatched and the final product always turns out way better than we could ever have imagined.

emma + john

art. that's the only word i would ever use to describe the entire experience. jackie is so extremely thoughtful, from the moment we booked her, to all the millions of texts we exchanged, to the questionnaires and guidebooks she had prepped for us, everything was world class. her passion and love for this craft shine through ever image and i am so glad that we were able to snag her

adam + amber

when we received our photos, we were absolutely awestruck. we couldn't even believe they were us! words cannot express how happy and honoured we are to have had jackie capture our day, not only because of her obvious talent but also because she made me feel so relaxed and calm even when things were not going according to plan. 
some of my favourite photos ended up being just candids of the guests which is not something that was even important to me until i saw it. we will treasure these moments forever and simply cannot get enough

spencer + jack

i am not a crier, but every time i look at our photos i shed a few tears, and each time i find a photo that i never noticed before and it becomes my new favourite. i don't know how she noticed all of these small moments throughout the day, ones that i didn't even existed or happened - but there they are. i know that we will forever look back on our photos with goosebumps, and show them to our children and grandchildren and make sure they know hot we looked, all thanks to jackie