some more about me,

i'm originally from bulgaria, but calgary is my home - yet somehow i fall in love with every city, everywhere. i'm happiest on a serene mountain top or a bustling new york city street, but the ocean always feels right

currently, my husband and i live in a small, charming neighbourhood in a 100 year old home that we spent the majority of a year tearing down, and turning into our dream home - with our obsession in human form (Our daughter, Noa), and the laziest heeler/australian shepherd there ever was (our dog, kato)

in my previous life (pre photography), i was a civil engineer, which is how i met my husband who showed me there was much more to life than working behind a desk. we eloped in zion national park in april 2021, after having our own greek wedding cancelled thanks to covid - all while getting covid on our wedding day anyway...

i can't sit still for too long, and you can find me constantly dreaming of new places to explore and experience. 

italy will forever own a piece of my heart