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thursday, jun. 9, vancouver island

if you're feeling a little burnt out? or a little lonely? or don't know where to start? or just want to shoot some more? let's do this.

ya feel me? to sum it up - I strive to think outside the box when it comes to photography, that’s what drew me into it in the first place. Of course I love my couples, but it’s sometimes hard to get them on board with a crazy shoot idea I may have (ie. Float on a mattress in the middle of a lake), you know? So this will be a safe space for all the crazy, wild, fun ideas and even more importantly, new concepts.

my goal is to get everyone in the creative headspace, by trying things out that you wouldn't normally be comfortable with, or even thought about. whether it's shooting in the middle of the night only with flash, or shooting an editorial if you're used to only couples, or even giving astrophotography a go - the possibilities are literally endless. Commitment is sometimes hard so this holds everybody accountable, and the best part? you don't have to do it by yourself! it might even give your couples some ideas about their future shoots!

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I love weird

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